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    Is VDDD required for CCG3PA if VBUS_IN is powered? CY4532 have different behavior.




      I am using CCG3PA (CYPD3171) and I got the idea that we can power the chip from both or either one of the two power supplies from the datasheet (p.6):



      "CCG3PA can operate from two possible external supply sources:


      VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE (3.0 V–24.5 V) or VDDD (2.7 V–5.5 V).


      When powered through VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE, the internal


      regulator generates VDDD of 3.3 V for chip operation."


      However, on the CY4532 EVK, if I remove the jumper for VDDD (so only VBUS_IN is powering CCG3PA), the user device isn't being charged.

      On the other hand, if I remove the jumper for VBUS_IN (so only VDDD is powering CCG3PA), the user device gets charged.


      I also noticed the same behavior on my own design board. It seems VDDD is required, but the datasheet seems to state otherwise. Can someone clarify this point? Perhaps I need a firmware modification if I don't have VDDD powered?