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    Has anyone done a small in-house run on PSOC 6 for testing?


      In our shop we do small production runs using modified T-962 infrared ovens for flowing solder paste.  We updated oven firmware and added some sensors based on the open source community suggestions.


      We successfully create, build, and "cook" PBC's with TQFP and QFN packages.   Our end product has to run at extended temperatures (as high as 350F).  Obviously, device lifetime is curtailed under that circumstance.  However, we have found the PSOC5LP to be a robust product that does well.  Our production runs can be typically counted on fingers and toes.


      We are interested in looking at the PSOC6, but the packaging concerns us.  We have not created the footprints in our PCB software (eagle 7), nor have we had experience "cooking" these parts.


      Have you had experiences with this part in small runs for in-house testing?  If so, what has your experience been?


      Thank you ahead of time.