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    PSoC5LP - First 5 ADC reads after component start come back 0


      Hi everyone,


      I'm running into an issue on my Cy8C5468LTI-LP026 when first starting the ADC component.


      I typically keep an array of ADC readings for temperature in my code and use it to generate a rolling average.  In order to do this, when I first start up, I need to populate the array with initial values.  I do so with the following functions:


      #define ADC_NUM_SAMPLES      16


      /* ADC_Read
       * - Reads and returns a single reading from the ADC
      static uint16_t ADC_Read(void){
          while (ADC_SAR_IsEndConversion(ADC_SAR_RETURN_STATUS));
          return ADC_SAR_GetResult16();


      /* Sample_Temperature
       * - Takes a single ADC read and places it into the next position in the ADC_Vals array
      static void Sample_Temperature (void){
          static uint8_t sample_pos = 0;
          uint16_t adc_val = ADC_Read();
          /*ignore obviously faulty readings (T > 180C)*/
          if (adc_val > ADC_TEMP_FAULT_COUNT){
              adc_val = 0;
          ADC_Vals[sample_pos++] = adc_val;
          if (sample_pos >= ADC_NUM_SAMPLES){
              sample_pos = 0;   


      /* Init_Temperature
       * - Populates ADC Array and Average Temperature global with starting values
      void Init_Temperature (void){
          uint8_t i;
          for(i = 0; i < ADC_NUM_SAMPLES; i++){
          g_TemperatureAvg = Get_Temp_Avg();


      What I find here, is when I run Init_Temperature in my initialization, my ADC_Vals array ends up with elements 0-4 being zero, with valid readings starting at element 5.  Does anyone know what's occurring here?  I tried putting a delay (10mS) between starting the component and beginning to take readings, but that didn't seem to have any effect.


      I have found a workaround, which is if i simply drop a second for() loop into Init_Temperature after the first one in order to populate the ADC_Vals array again, I have no issues.  Reads after those initial 5 after starting the component don't seem to have a problem.  So I have a workaround, but I'd like to know why it's behaving as it is.


      Component is configured as follows:


      Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.



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          Firmware issue, change ADC_Read() function as follow can fix the issue.

          ADC_SAR_IsEndConversion() API returns 0 when ADC is still calculating the last result, returns 1 only when last conversion is complete.


          static uint16_t ADC_Read(void)


              while (!ADC_SAR_IsEndConversion(ADC_SAR_RETURN_STATUS));   


              return ADC_SAR_GetResult16(); 

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            It's always something really glaringly obvious in hindsight isn't it...

            Can't believe I didn't catch that.  Sometimes a 2nd pair of eyes is all it takes


            Follow-up question:  If I'm in free-running mode as I am here, presumably  those five '0' values I get are waiting for the first conversion to finish.  Since all my readings past that were fine, does that mean I would only need to worry about waiting for the conversion when I'm populating my values array at the beginning of application execution?


            Past that point I'm only calling ADC_Read at a rate of about 1Hz.  After that initial population of the ADC values array there should basically always be a result ready and waiting in the ADC results buffer by the time my next call of ADC_Read(), correct?


            Thank You!