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    Change application start address in PSoC4


      I'm using a PSoC 4 and I want change the default place of my application in the microcontroller memory: I want to set the application at memory address 0x00001000.

      I read I have to change the .ld file, by setting CY_APPL_ORIGIN to 0x00001000.


      The firmware is correctly built but I Always have an error whenever I try to program the PSoC. I get this error:


      Error: dbg.M0023: There was an error while programming the device: PSoC Programmer reported error (100 - FAILED! Hex File parsing failure. Checksum of Main Flash does not match Hex Checksum record)


      It seems like I have to change something in the Hex file but I don't know how. Can anyone help please?