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    Simple PSOC 4 BLE OTA for Android / iOS


      I have ran thru the source code for CySmart iOS and Android and began the bootloader implementation for adding OTA to my existing apps although this seems way more cumbersome than I would assume. I can upgrade my PSOC device using the CySmart mobile apps fine after adding all required bootloader steps to our projects but the mobile app side hasn't been added yet. Am I missing something with the usage here? Has anyone created a drop in class(s) I can add to my project, feed it a file and let it execute a simple OTA upgrade process with checksum, etc? The CySmart app is full of callbacks and trying to rip that apart to implement into our projects is causing a lot more work than I assumed would be needed.


      For instance, the WICED supported Broadcom setup is as close to a drop in as I would expect and would be awesome if supported with the PSOC 4.