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    Bootloader component


      I have implemented the OTA fixed stack in my project, in the bootloader component I've checked the wait for command options and right now if no command is sent at initial startup, it exits the bootloader after the time out, but if I enter to the  bootloader in a second time it stuck there until OTA is executed.


      In my understanding it is necessary to change the following command : Bootloader_HostLink(Bootloader_WAIT_FOR_COMMAND_FOREVER); in the function Bootloader_Start() but because it is a generated source file then it can not be changed in the code.


      What needs to be done that every time I enter to the bootloader and no command is sent, it will wait for time out and exits to the bootloadeble project??

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          Hello ,


          From hardware reset if the device executes bootloader the code will wait till timeout and execute the bootloadable if no bootloading command is issues. However if you are switching to bootloader from bootloadable then the time out is not relevant.