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    Could not initialize wifi platform ==> STM32F7xx + CYW4343W


      Hello all,


      Situation is:


      • my own (STM32F756 + CYW4343WKUBG)
      • bus used == SDIO


      • WICED-Studio-6.2-SDK
      • no IDE, just makefiles [ ./make snip.sntp_get_time-MYPLF-FreeRTOS-LwIP download run ]


      I’m stuck at ( SDIO->RESP1 & 0x800 ) in wwd_SDIO.c Why?


      Software sequence where it goes wrong:

      wwd_bus_protocol.c:628 wwd_result_t wwd_bus_write_backplane_value(

      wwd_bus_protocol.c:637 VERIFY_RESULT( wwd_bus_sdio_transfer(

      wwd_bus_protocol.c:671 static wwd_result_t wwd_bus_sdio_transfer(

      wwd_bus_protocol.c:707 static wwd_result_t wwd_bus_sdio_cmd53(

        wwd_bus_protocol.c:728 result = host_platform_sdio_transfer(


      The host_platform_sdio_transfer() is MCU specific, my version is the same as the STM32F4xx MCU version but uses the STM LL library references.

      All goes well, except I hit the (SDIO->RESP1 & 0x800) and therefore sdio_transfer_failed = WICED_TRUE;


      Now my problem is that I have a not supported platform (STM32F7xx) and new hardware so I would very much have some in-depth understanding of what this error means.


      I have found this link https://community.cypress.com/message/26491#26491

      but it doesn’t seam to relate to my problem since the data used when it hits this problem is 4 bytes long and sits in RAM memory. So no DMA TXUNDERR.

      Thanks for any help.