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    Why doesn't Cypress saves Allegro .brd files in ASCII format


      As someone who is familiar with importing Orcad Schematic and Allegro PCB into Altium, I have to ask the question why doesn't Cypress save the .brd file in ASCII format. This way, almost every EDA tool can import Allegro PCB files with minimal issues. Instead, Cypress saves the .brd files in BIN format which requires that you have a "compatible or latest version" of Allegro installed on you system to convert the BIN file to ASCII so that you can import that PCB. I would ask that anyone at Cypress who has Allegro installed, please read in the .brd file and save it as ASCII format. This way, we get the PCB footprints and synchronizing the Schematic to the PCB is pretty easy.


      Here are the PSOC KITS I'm working on:





      The only other way to achieve this is to Import the Gerber file and convert to PCB

      1) import the Gerber files into CAMtastic (%FSLAX25Y25*MOIN*% - English not Metric, Leading Zero Suppression, 2 Digit Integer, 5 Digit Decimal)

      2) import NC Drill file (INCH - English not Metric, No Zero Suppression, 3 Digit Integer, 6 Digit Decimal)

      3) generate Netlist

      4) export to PCB

      5) Setup PCB Stackup

      5) Add footprints to each Schematic symbol

      6) Synchronize Schematic with PCB

      7) Place all components on Board and delete original pads imported from Gerber file

      8) Delete almost 2,000 polygons and create all necessary polygons


      As you can see, this is a crazy amount of work and all this can be avoided if the Cypress Engineer or PCB Contractor would take 5 min to export their PCB in Allegro ASCII format. If Cypress is interested, I am prepared to convert any of your PSOC Kits to Altium format and post them for the Community. The process I use to import the files into Altium does find Schematic/PCB inconsistencies that are common for developers using Orcad/Allegro. While I do generate a gerber output and compare it to the original gerber file, the standard proviso will apply: "Use at your won risk".