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    [CY7C65211] Equipment and method for evaluation and production




      Please give me advises for the below queries.



      As description in datasheet, I understand that CY7C65211 can operate as SPI master but need to modify the configuration settings. Is my understanding correct?



      If #1 is yes, to modify the configurations, could you tell me appropriate technical information or any document? I could not find related specifications in datasheet.



      In my understanding, user will able to use the configuration utility S/W for the evaluation. But I think this tool is not appropriate for the manufacturing phase.

      So, could you tell me suitable method or tool for programming the configuration data to device flash in manufacturing phase?

      I'd like to understand that programming equipment, HW designs, whether Cypress can ship devices after programming (like CP parts) and so on.


      If you need more information, please let me know.


      Best regards,