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    usb driver

      hi I have a problem with cannot find a driver with my usb which is controll a turntable and probes.

      i had search "Software and Drivers" this page but still can't find a suitable driver.

      my computer system is Win10.

      (i already had WinXP driver but it can't work on Win10)

      The pitcures are the details about my usb.

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          May I know what Cypress device you use?

          You can try the attached driver file first.




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            hi Eddie

            Thanks for your apply. The driver file you gave can't work with my computer.

            It's a usb hub to control two demultiplexer. i'm sorry that i can't check the device name because it's in an OTA chamber.

            i provide u all details that i know for u. hope it can help u. thank you.

            • driver file name: ezusb  (WinXp )
            • file version:
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              You have to let me know which device of cypress you use so I can find the driver file for you. If it's a USB hub chip, normally windows will automatically install driver for it, no need for manually install driver for it.


              It is good to download the driver from the end product manufacturer's website. The cypress driver will not have the custom VID/PID that is used by the manufacturer. If you edit the INF file to add this VID/PID, you driver signature will be lost.