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    Send Custom SCSI commands


      I want to send a custom SCSI command to my Cypress device from the Host. I'm exploring using the Cypress CyUSB.NET API, in particular the CyUSBStorDevice's SendScsiCmd() function. Some questions:


      - According to the Programmer's Reference, the SendScsiCmd() uses the CDB10 structure. What if the CDB I want to send is a different size (e.g. 6 Bytes or 16 Bytes)?

      - What is the difference between the Cmd byte and the Op byte? Isn't the SCSI command the same as the opcode sent in the CDB?

      - Can I send a Cmd byte that is not part of the standard Scsi commands?


      Thanks in advance for the help.

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          -Our API uses a 10 byte structure for the SCSI Pass through and hence you cannot send a CDB of a different size.

          -The actual command code is sent with the cmd byte while the op byte is additional argument which may be required in some commands only.

          -You could send a custom command but it should be supported by your device.


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