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    init/de-init around hibernate in CYW43907


      Hello All:


      I was wondering about some of the best practices around using the hibernate APIs on 43907. Is it necessary to bring the network down and call wiced_deinit() (or some other combo of functions to bring down all of the resources associated with initialization) before going into hibernate state or does going into hibernate do that sortof implicitly? The example given is great, but im just looking for some extra info on integrating into a more complex application. Thanks in advance!

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          In hibernation, all the blocks are powered off expect the HIB block itself. The HIB block signals the PMU to turn off the chip and turn on again after exiting from hibernation. Upon startup the device goes through cold boot sequence. So it is not necessary to bring network down and call wiced deinit but it would be advisable to make sure your work is done before entering hibernation because no state is saved during hibernation other than the logic state of HIB block.

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