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    what is operating volatge for PSoC 6 and compare a stand by power between PSoC 6 and PSoC 3. PSoC 6 can support .XML files to make a MATLAB analysis for a camera and sound simulations.

      We are working to make a smart wearable for a intergration of smart home connectivity. Although we make a Smart homes devices using Texas Instrument CC-3200 for low cost to fulfil the needs of all community people to get through IOT by Indian innovation design challenge. On top that we also plan to make smart wearable in that we got a solution from your product that fullfil our needs but we have little confusion between PSoc 6 and PsoC 3 in which PSoC 6 has been developed fully for IOT purpose but for smart wearable battery is main concert so it can be done by PSoC 3 which has high Precision analog value and ultra low power for long standby in various sleep mode. Can accuracy and standy, Power management is same as or much more better than PSoC 3 in PSoC 6. Please justify it.