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    Can not get image from CYUSB3KIT (fx3) ov5640




      I'm using CYUSB3KIT-003 uvc project with ov5640. GPIF II interface shows in 'gpif.png' and its state machine unchanged.

      ov5640 i2c probe and initializing was copy from my old CY7C68013A project which works ok. The wave shows in 'ov5640.png'.

      I got wrong wave using the same i2c registers config (see SensorInit.txt from my code).

      I2C config ov5640 to stream raw 640x480 bayer. Usb descriptor (cyfxuvcdscr.c) show in 'usb.txt'.

      But I see black image using windows camera application.

      I capture usb commucation with wireshark show all 0xFF values in 16kb transfermation (shows in 'cap.png' and 'uartlog.txt').


      According to "001-92220_AN75779_How_to_Implement_an_Image_Sensor_Interface_with_EZ-USB_FX3_in_a_USB_Video_Class_UVC_Framework_Chinese.pdf",

      My cmos sensor is 8bit width, so LD_DATA_COUNT and LD_ADDR_COUNT in GPIF II state machine is set to 16367. (=16368/(8/8)-1). Is this right?


      Please help me to find out what is missing or mistaken.


      Another thing puzzle me is that why the uvc project can't transfer raw data captured from gpif ports to usb host directly, even the image is broken.

      I think if raw data comes to my application, I can debug that without troubling by the fx3.