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    DFU Reboot?



      I am trying to put my CYBLE222014-01 into DFU mode via ez-serial software command, ezs_cmd_dfu_reboot(1). I am able to do it on three of my devices, however on one of them when I execute this command, it doesn't seem to work. The devices seems to just reboot, and I receive a boot up event from the CYBLE222014-01 module with a cause of 0x01 meaning hardware/power triggered the boot. Any ideas why this might be happening on my one device?


      Perhaps more strange is that I'm successfully able to read and write to it normally, such as writing characteristics, and reading responses. But for some reason it just won't boot into DFU mode.

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          Could you once check by sending the DFU_Reboot Text command over a PC Serial Terminal Program and compare the logs for both working and non working Modules?


          The Command is /RDFU M=1.  Here is the user guide - http://www.cypress.com/file/384521/download


          We do not have external Host Setup ready for sending the commands for now. If you see the issue with above testing, perhaps the issue is with that particular Module.