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    CY8CKIT-059 USBUART Will Not Initialize.

      I'm using CY8CKIT-059 and am attempting to get the USBUART working - preferably including powering the device.


      However, in the example code, there is a wait for " USBUART_GetConfiguration() that will wait until that returns a non zero value. It always returns 0.

      I've tried the examples, I've verified my clocks.. Code compiles, and programs no problem.


      I've got a regular TTL UART working, but I'd much rather use the USB uart so I can have just the one cable running to this module for power and communications...


      FYI This doesn't appear to be a windows device issue - it doesn't enumerate because it is stuck in that loop of GetConfiguration.


      I've also tried it on two seperate CY8CKit's...



      int main ()




          /* Start USBFS operation with 5-V operation. */





              /* Host can send double SET_INTERFACE request. */

              if (0u != USBUART_IsConfigurationChanged())  // THIS ALWAYS RETURNS 0


                  /* Initialize IN endpoints when device is configured. */

                  if (0u != USBUART_GetConfiguration())  // THIS ALSO ALWAYS RETURNS 0


                      /* Enumeration is done, enable OUT endpoint to receive data

                       * from host. */






      I can get by using an external TTL to USB Serial adapter, but that kinda defeats the purpose Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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          You can still use a single cable for UART communication with PC and powering KIT-059, if used pins 12_6 and 12_7 for RX and TX, which are hard-wired to USB-UART  converter located in KitProg. Once KIT-059 is programmed, you will find additional COM port in Device Manager.


          To check USBUART issue, please post project bundle here: 1. Build->Clean. 2. File->Create Archive bundle->minimal. 3. Delete Generated_source folder inside archive to save space.


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            Thanks for the input.... As it turns out - was as simple as a bad cable.... Turns out I was using a USB-Micro cable that only provided power, and no data lines.. Lesson learned.


            Thanks for your input anyways!