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    Wake on Wireless Feature using WL_HOST_WAKE pin


      Hi All,


      We are trying to bring-up Wake on Wireless Feature on CYW43455 (Murata 1MW) module using IMX6ULL-EVK board.


      We are using Version2.0 Interconnect Adapter for connecting BT and Control signals to IMX board using ribbon cable from Murata 1MW module.

      Configured Jumper settings as below for SDIO 3.3v supply and enabling WiFi on Murata Module

      • Shorted Pad TP14
      • Closed Jumper TP7 and TP9
      • Connected Ribbon Cable to IMX board
      • Inserted SDIO connector to IMX board
      • By default WL_REG_ON is not becoming high using ribbon cable connector so connected a wire from TP21(WL_REG_ON pin) to a GPIO on IMX board that will drive 3.3v to enable WiFi on Murata module


      Monitoring WL_HOST_WAKE pin:

      • Connected a wire on TP20 (WL_HOST_WAKE) and connected the other end to Logical Analyser to monitor signal level on this pin.
      • Always the signal on this pin is LOW (Considering 3.3v as HIGH in this line)


      Kernel DTB File:

      • Used default imx6ul-evk-btwifi.dtsi file
      • Also configured oob gpio taken from imx6ul-evk-btwifi-oob.dtsi file and added to imx6ul-evk-btwifi.dtsi as below

      brcmf: bcrmf@1 {

                      /*reg = <1>;

                      compatible = "brcm,bcm4329-fmac";*/

                      interrupt-parent = <&gpio2>;

                      interrupts = <15 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;  /* WL_HOST_WAKE = GPIO2_IO15 active high. Change to IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_RISING for 1BW and SN8000. */

                      interrupt-names = "host-wake";


      Attached dtb file used after modifying with WL_HOST_WAKE changes

      Steps followed to Suspend and Resume Host:

      • Connect to Wireless Network
      • Configure Wake On Wlan feature so that will trigger wake signal on disconnection from WiFi Network wl wowl 4
      • Put Host on suspend to memory echo mem >/sys/power/state
      • Disconnect WiFi from Network


      • WL_HOST_WAKE pin signal is always LOW, no change whether HOST is in suspended mode or normal mode.
      • Using both default DTB file and Modified DTB file as mentioned above there is no change in WL_HOST_WAKE signal



      • Steps to enable Wake on Wlan feature using WL_HOST_WAKE (OOB interrupt) ?
      • what is the Voltage level of  WL_HOST_WAKE pin ? is it 1.8v or 3.3v ?
      • For enabling oob interrupts do we need to do any hardware rework changes on Murata module ?
      • Is there any dependency on Host oob GPIO configuration to enable Wake On Wlan feature using WL_HOST_WAKE for just monitoring WL_HOST_WAKE pin on Logic Analyser directly without dependency on Host?