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    AMUX control problems


      HI everyone, I have some questions on using AMUX,


      My design is a bidirectional controllable current source, so I use two IDAC in design, and one for source and one for sink(bidirectional), then using a AMUX to connect this two IDAC to one analog output pin. and also I need the PWM signal to control the AMUX, for forming the relaative waveform.


      My initial concept is using the AMUXHW, cuz the AMUXHW has the hardware connection, it is easy to directly connect the PWM signals to its control pins, like the following design, but i know that AMUXHW can only be used to connect GPIOs, so this design has errors.


      So i want to know is there any solutions instead, cuz in PSoC BLE only has this type of AMUXHW which can be controlled using HW connections.


      Appreciation for help:)