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    how to send ACK or NACK from I2c master to slave




      Now I'm writing I2C master program referring to the following.




      To read some data from slave to master, the sample program is using I2c_Read().

      And this function is calling Mfs_I2c_ConfigAck() to send ACK or NACK to slave.


      But the description of Mfs_I2c_ConfigAck() says "Configure ACK signal sent to master", "This function is only meaningful when I2C is in slave mode". (mfs.c L.3527~)


      Can I use Mfs_I2c_ConfigAck() in master program?



      Why I ask this, my I2C master program (on FM0+ S6E1C) has stop in Mfs_I2c_GetStatus() loop (main.c L.272~) after reading first byte. So I doubt that NACK has not been transmitted properly.


      The 1 byte looks like correct, but can't read any more.