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    When is UART Tx done after calling wiced_hal_puart_synchronous_write()?


      I am using 20719 and I want to go to PDS after UART Tx is done after I call wiced_hal_puart_synchronous_write().  In the sleep handler, I always allow PDS when I get the event WICED_SLEEP_POLL_SLEEP_PERMISSION.  However, it seems the UART Tx is not finished when I get this event and UART Tx will stop in PDS.  How do I check UART Tx is really finished so I can go to PDS?  If I call wiced_rtos_delay_milliseconds(50, KEEP_THREAD_ACTIVE) after wiced_hal_puart_synchronous_write(), the UART Tx will finish before PDS but I don't want to put in a busy wait.