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    "USB Video Class " MJPEG to YUY2

      I've changed "USBVideoClass" example from MJPEG to YUV(from subtype : VS_FORMAT_MJPEG to Subtype : uncompressed format)

      The descriptors are originally configured to stream MJPEG images stored in "glUVCVidFrames[]" structure which in cyfxuvcvidframes.c. And now i have chaged frames to yuy2 format. I have modified ‘cyfxuvcdscr.c"。The device is successfully recognized by host but cannot begin streaming any data. My video frames is not visible in AMCap. I have EZ-USB® FX3™ Development Kit (CYUSB3KIT-003), only black screen is displayed.

      I don't have cammer.Could you help me? Thank you!