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    When the data length is not an integer multiple of block transfer data length, the USB will crash.




      I am using FX3 cy3014 to develop an image data acquisition and transmission device. The configuration mode is salvefifo mode, and the block transfer data length is 1024 bytes.


      1) When USB is set to 1024 bytes blocks for transmission, the host computer uses beginDataXfer acquisition. If the data length is not an integer multiple of 1024 bytes, the USB will crash until the reset signal is sent or power-on is restored.


      2) When the USB does not store the integer multiple data of 1024 bytes, the beginDataXfer acquisition is initiated (For example, the transmission rate is slow). BeginDataXfer will take precedence over data sending, and USB will also crash until reset or re-energize.


      What are the reasons for these two phenomena and are there any solutions?


      Thank you very much.