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    SSD1306 OLED PSoC 6


      Does anyone have a sample project that runs this OLED using I2C?  Not interested in setting as a task.  Any help appreciated.  Tried to take a PSoC 4 example and transfer that to PSoC 6 but it went pear-shaped.  TIA.

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          Hi Geoff,


          I wonder about error details you met when tried porting the PSoC4 example to PSoC6? I2C can work or not?

          I remember there is an initialization command sequence for the OLED in the example (or in its datasheet). Does it work on PSoC6? I just want to know it is hardware problem or software problem.




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            Ryan, Thanks for your response.  I have started a new PSoC6 project and it compiles.  I have transposed the commands to the PSoC6  but do not have any initialization of the OLED.  Alan Hawse has done a project using FREETOS but has not shared the entire code, which could be helpful as a starting point but I am not experienced with FREEtoS and already have a large Lora Mesh networking system running...I just want a small display on each unit so I can see activity in my mesh trials.

            I cannot even measure the SCL clock using a CRO, so I think I have a conceptual issue with the Slave I2C process.  I have also used the 8x8 library set for the OLED.

            Just wanted to know if anyone has some short working code snippet I can use given that normally a display is not that hard to get working.

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              Ryan, I found the issue.....the SSD1306 modules were the SPI/I2C modules, I was provided with the wrong ones and did not realize because they had SDA and SCL written on them.  Waiting for some proper modules and I will report back about the project.  I was not prepared to use the SPI/I2C modules because there is no appropriate documentation.

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                Hi Ryan,

                I managed to get it working on the PSoC 6.  I used some code from an old example of Alan Hayes.  Not real pretty yet but at least I have junk on the screen now.  Happy to share the basic PSoC 6 file for the PSoC6 Kit 062, but first I might add some pretty graphics examples to mirror the various other examples so that there is plenty of demo there.


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                  I am interested in your library. Can you please share it.



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                    hello everyone ,

                    I am interested  too for a library to manage  oled with Psoc 6

                    did you have it?

                    Can you share it?

                    Thanks a lot

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                      Hi giio_4660191,


                      Please refer to this thread and let me know if it helps with your query - How to interface an SSD 1306 OLED?


                      Thanks and Regards,

                      Rakshith M B

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