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    s25fs01g documentation

      Where can I find documentation for s25fs01g?


      Is it register compatible with s25fs512? If not, is there any documentation about the differences?

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          Hi Timo,


          We do not have any device like 'S25FS01GS'. We have 'S70FS01GS' device, which is a dual die stack of two S25FS512S die.

          Two FS512S devices are stacked within the same package to provide 1 Gb of memory. The two devices share the CS# input to provide a contiguous 1Gb address space.

          Here is a link to the datasheet of S70FS01GS - http://www.cypress.com/file/215911/download. You can go through section '12.4 FS01GS Behavior and Software Modifications' for further clarity.

          Please let me know if you have any further queries.


          Thanks and regards,


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            Hello Apurva,


            Thanks for the clarification. I have component which is labelled as FS01G so I assumed that the prefix is S25 like the other Cypress component we have used (S25FS256).


            Cheers, Timo