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    GraphicLCDIntf compatibility (with display drivers)


      My first time using a graphic LCD, be gentle.

      In the data sheet for the GraphicLCDIntf, it specifically lists about 7 display driver chips that it's compatible with.

      In my initial searching for an LCD panel, I don't see any of those controller chips.

      So what about parts like NT7108C, ST7565P, and ST7541? Is there a comprehensive list of controllers that this component is compatible with?

      While I'm here, I'm having trouble finding a small, square, blue display. Like 160x160, around 2" diagonal. Any suggestions, I'm open.

      Thanks in advance -


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          Hello Dan,


          The datasheet mentions some of the common LCD controllers and their settings though the component is designed to support many such controllers.


          About other parts, make sure that the LCD controller supports the i8080 parallel bus interface and the parameters "clock frequency, read pulse width high and read pulse width low" are mentioned in the datasheet. Just setup the component using these parameters and write the firmware and you should be good to go.