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    How to save config to firmware file with EZ-PD Configuration Utility?

      I am using EZ-PD configuration utility version 1.1 Build 210 to flash the CYPD4226-40CQXIT device on our target board. I have opened the utility and have created a new project. Next I have selected our device (CYPD4226-40CQXIT) in the Device Parameter dialog. Next I have saved this configuration to an XML and a CYACD file. This worked fine. I plan to flash our device with a kitprog3 adapter. This needs a hex file. So I would like to use the "save to firmware file" to save my config as hex file. But this fails all the time. Before saving the select dialog box asks me to select a hex file. This confuses me, as I just want to save a file. Why does it ask for a hex file?


      I have used the kitprog3 to read out our device and a save this in a hex file. This worked. But I cannot use this hex file as file in the select dialog.


      What am I doing wrong?