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    PSOC 4 BLE rssi limitation of -79dBm vs CySmart App reading



      I've setup a central device and peripheral device. If I put the devices close then the central device can read signal of rssi around -45dBm but if I take the devices further from each other, then the Central device can see the peripheral device with a maximum signal strength of -79dBm, not beyond that. However if I read the Peripheral rssi value on the CySmart App then I can see it goes beyond -79dBm. I can see it goes up to -93dBm.


      I am reading the field "advReport->rssi" from the CYBLE_EVT_GAPC_SCAN_PROGRESS_RESULT event of AppCallBack method.


      Could someone please clarify? Am I missing something in the BLE component or code?




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