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    EX-FX2LP device not recognize




      I had one issue related with FX2LP boot-load.


      USB subsystem consist of:

      • USB device, P/N: CY7C68013A-56LTXC
      • Microchip  EEPROM memory, P/N:24LC128T-I/MNY


      On EEPROM first sits 0xC2 value which followed custom PID/VID;


      After some workout hour of final product the PC can't recognize USB peripheral controller when re-powered.

      I simply bypass EEPROM memory and controller boots as "no EEPROM", so windows was able to recognize it.

      Then I upload FW directly to FX2LP RAM memory so i will able to dump entire EEPROM memory values.

      After comparing with good working eeprom dump file, I  found  first difference:

      • when PC recognize USB device: address 0x1090: 0x03 0x02
      • when PC don'r recognize USB device: address 0x1090: 0x90 0x91.


      Does anybody knows what are these values and purpose of them and how them can be  changed by PC or some other force majeure event?

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          - Please let us know if you mean to say that the EEPROM content is different in each boot. If that is the case, then it is an issue with the EEPROM memory.

          - The address 0x1090 falls in the FX2LP main RAM memory which contains the code and data and is not a register. Hence, the value at this address depends on the firmware that you are using.

          - Please share the firmware source if possible. If not, share the IIC file that you load into the EEPROM.


          Best regards,

          Srinath S