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    PSoC BLE CySmart App Connection Issues




      I am reading some values on the PSoC BLE and sending it through BLE.


      I am currently testing my code using CySmart Android App.


      I get to read the values after reset or when using first time after flashing


      The issue is when after reading the values and then disconnecting and again connecting to the device via CySmart BLE app (without resetting or flashing the PSoC BLE).


      The values are not displayed on App even if connected, then the PSoC BLE gets disconnected with App.

      OR If connected again the App shows no services found.


      I tried on different modules CYBL11573-56LQXI and CYBLE-022001-EVAL.


      What could be the problem. Any specific setting?


      Thank You,



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          Hello Ameya,


          Please check with different phones (because there will be an issue with some phones) and let us know if you are replicating the same issue.

          Can you please check with some of our BLE code examples and see whether you are able to see the services after disconnecting and again connecting to the device.

          Can you please share your project so that we can check and see the problem.



          P Yugandhar.