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    I2C Bridging using HX3



      The datasheet for the HX3 series hubs states that it is possible to implement I2C bridging using vendor commands.

      I want to use the HX3 as an I2C Master to interface to some instrumentation and control functions on my board.

      Is it possible to send arbitrary I2C read/writes from a USB host to an I2C slave using the HX3 family?

      If so, could you point me towards some documentation which might inform how to begin going about this?



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          The I2C mode in HX3 is only used for firmware upgrade using an I2C slave such as an EEPROM. The vendor commands supported for the I2C read/write cant be modified since HX3 is a fixed firmware part. Please refer to the KBA on downloading the firmware using a GUI based tool Blaster Plus.


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