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        Thanks a lot.it is worked.i can program in psoc5 with bootloader host.now i want to replace bootloader host by gsm.and update firmware over the air.can you help me how i can do it?

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          There are many ways how your board can connect to your system via gsm,2G,... modem, and how you communicate with it on your host side (?). Is it TCP/IP channel or also serial UART like?


          • On PSoC side do not forget to configure the modem, so that it's connected and transparent, then enter bootloader which will seamlessly communicate with your host,
          • and on host side you may trick it to implement a virtual com port, unless it already behaves like this (if you're using some external device which also has UART, CDC, ... serial like port).
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            I am using M95(2G) quectel.psoc5 is connecting to gsm with uart.Connection network is MQTT (tcp).

            how i can programming with bootloader on gsm side?

            thank you for attention...

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