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      We use PSOC BLE Module in our product, and we would like to test the BLE connectivity of those boards during production build.

      And we dont want to use PC for this TEST, I want to accomplish this using the below approach, please let me know if you agree with this.


      1. The Software on the BLE MODULE (DEVICE UNDER TEST - DUT) publishes a custom BLE Characteristic that is Read and Write enabled.


      2. The BLE USB Dongle is powered from 5V source, the custom software on the Dongle tries to connect to  the BLE devices and it looks for the custom BLE characteristic,

          Once It finds the specific custom characteristic, then it keeps the connection.


      3. The  DUT Dignostic software would pass the test once the BLE connection is established.


      I need a BLE dongle Firmware to perform these operations, please let me know if you agree with this test or you have any better ideas.