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    PSoC Creator MiniProg3 recognize device but "does not support using it at this time"


      We have a custom board with a schematic very similar to the CY8CKIT-142 PSoC 4 BLE Module (the one that comes with the CY8CKIT-042 BLE-A kit).  Other than not including the BLE elements and having a few other components on the PCB (an EEPROM and an LED Current Driver), it's virtually identical.  The PSoC itself and the SWD connections are exactly the same.


      However, when I hook up a MiniProg3 to the device it detects the PSoC but refuses to program it.


      The error message is shown in the attached image.


      I tested that the MiniProg can program the BLE module directly, and in that case it works flawlessly.  But with my circuit it does not.  I would be less confused if the programmer simply didn't connect at all - that would point to a design or fabrication flaw on my PCBA.  But since it detects the PSoC, it seems that communication and power are established - it just seems to not like the device itself.


      I have re-installed PSoC Creator and restarted my computer several times.  I've also run both the installer and PSoC Creator as administrator.  But the fact that the BLE module programs fine means that it's not likely a SW problem.


      Can someone explain what, precisely, generates this error message?  Does this message mean that communication was established, but something else in the process broke down?  Or do I need to "initialize" my PSoC in some manner?


      My miniprog3 settings are shown in the second screenshot.