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    I2C specification / source code for Parade PS8742B




      In the EZ-PD SDK there is source code for controlling the PS8740B mux, but when we do a dock were we have PS8742B instead. What is the difference for these use-cases (dock instead of a "laptop")? And is there any source code available för CCG4? Noticed that there is no source-code available for the CCG4 Dock Reference design?




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          Hi Olof,


          PS8740B is Host side Mux, used near the display source / USB host.

          PS8742B is Sink side Mux, used near display sink / USB device.


          Hence in a notebook design, we use PS8740B, since notebook is the Host and Display source.

          In a dock design, the dock is receiving USB / display data (and providing it on downstream USB / DP / HDMI connectors) and hence uses the sink mux, PS8742B.


          Lastly, source code and PSoC Creator projects are made available for CCG4 Dock Reference Design. Please go here and download the reference design package provided under 'related files'.