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    How to change the firmware configuration of CX3 to get RAW10 format


      I have opened the cycx3_uvc_ov5640 firmware example to start up. The sensor give YUY2 image format.

      So I would like to change the cx3 configuration in this firmware example to get a RAW10 format from the  OV5640 Sensor. The problem is that i don't know how to do it because i can't change the initial CX3 configuration parameters. should  I introduce another cx3 configuration and to put in the sensor selection space "Create a Configuration with Basic Settings"? or It is possible to change the data format in a pre defined configuration?

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          to get raw10 image ,firrst of all you should set ov5640 registers to work in raw output mode.

          the offical ov5640 library seems not provide raw output settings .

          If you have your own ov5640 raw settings, you can do as follows.


          1.Create a Configuration with Basic Settings

          2.set input/output to raw10

          3.change uvc descriptor to UYVY

          4.use your own sensor register settings to set sensor

          5.write pc application to get rid of 6 unused bits and convert bayer to UYVY format


          for more details

          please see

          Streaming RAW8 or RAW10 using CX3

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            Hi Arturo,


            Yes, it is possbile to change the output from OV5640 ot RAW10 based on the example project.

            To do that, you must first remove the static library of OV5640 used in the demo. Seconldy, you must know how to configure the sensor via SCCB(I2C) interafce. That is to say, you need to get information from OmniVison. After that, change the value of some registers to set OV5640 outputs RAW10 data. Next, re-calculate the parameters in CX3 configuration tool and change the corresponding values in code.

            Finally, compile and build the project to get the image file. To view the stream, you need to write PC applications to handle the data from CX3.


            Another way is to create a new project using  CX3 configuration wizard. Just the steps in Jimmy's answer.