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    S25FSxx Sector Erase interrupted by power-loss - impact on other sectors?


      KBA223960 gives a good overview how an erase operation in a Cypress NOR flash is working.

      However it is not precise about the effects of the power-loss on OTHER sectors.


      Depending on the phase of the erase operation interrupted it seems to be possible that over-erased cells are generated in problematic sector.

      If the same bit-lines/columns are used for multiple sectors (which I don't know), this could result in a situation that the read operation in other sectors is affected.


      So the first question is: Are bit-lines/columns are actually shared between different sectors (256 kByte)?
      If yes, then the second question is whether there is a influence of the over-erased cells in one sector to the other sector is possible?

                (and on which sectors - are there sector-groups?)