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    It's ALIVE!


      Welcome to the ModusToolbox software space. A lot of us have been working really hard to get this done. For us it's MERRY CHRISTMAS!


      I'm working on an App Note on how to use ModusToolbox software with IAR or Keil tools. I'll share that with you when I can, probably early next year. however, as part of that I created a simple graphic to show you how all the pieces parts fit together. I thought you might find it useful.

      Of course, being a high-level diagram it isn't precise in all details. Example, some middleware doesn't have or need a Configurator.


      Everything in ModusToolbox is IDE-neutral. It comes with the ModusToolbox IDE, which is an Eclipse-based IDE. So it works on Linux and macOS as well as Windows. But, substituting a different IDE in the middle of that diagram is definitely doable.


      There is a whole lot of "new" here, so there will be learning curves. If you have never used an Eclipse-based IDE before, and you run into problems trying to figure out where "stuff" is hiding inside the IDE, let me recommend the Eclipse IDE Survival Guide. It's really just a long FAQ with 50 or 60 questions on things both simple and complex.


      I wrote it. So if it doesn't answer your questions, that's my fault. Give me a shout. I'll do my best to answer, and make the Survival Guide better.




      Jim Trudeau

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          Ooh, let me reply to my own discussion. Here is one of my all time fave "How do you ..." questions for an Eclipse IDE.


          How do I show line numbers?

          Select Window > Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors and find the Show line numbers option.


          Yep, it is five levels down, among a complex of settings panels devoted to managing editors (syntax coloring, line endings, etc. etc. etc.) Don't suffer hunting for the cheese. See if the Survival Guide gives you a clue.


          If you are already familiar with an Eclipse IDE, you know what I'm talking about. It is a phenomenally powerful and flexible tool, but the side effect is it can be difficult to find what you're looking for.

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