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    Cannot program PSoC63 hex file


      Hi everybody,

      I made example cmake Blink project which uses only PDL (without PSoC Creator). With cypress OpenOCD fork blink.elf can be loaded in the cy8cproto-063-ble prototyping board. The project generates a hex file from it but PSoC programmer cannot flash it (attached is an image with error output).


      How should be hex file created from the elf to support PSoC Programmer?


      Thank you

      Ondrej Pilat

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          Hello Ondrej,


          You should be able to use the elf file together with OpenOCD to program the device. However if you want to use PSoC Programmer, there's a nasty 'Metadata' block needed to inform the programmer about information such as data integrity, Silicon ID etc. There's also a 4-byte field which prevents to use non PSoC-Creator generated hex files. Cypress refers this as 'internal use'.


          I've reverse engineered the Metadata field and I created a tool to add this Metadata to just any HEX file.


          I am setting up a Visual Studio project for PSoC6 and it seems we could both help each other in working specific things out.


          Please PM me if you want to work on this together.