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    miniprog3 arm debug port


      I am unable to program PSoC 5lp. I could see both the LEDs(Red-target supply and Green- Status) are ON. When I acquire the port, I am getting "ARM DEBUG PORT"(Screen shot attached) INSTEAD OF PSoC 5lp. Kindly let me know how to determine what is wrong. Appreciate any assistance.

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          Hi Santhosh,


          A DVK or your own board are you playing?

          Suggest double-checking the hardware connection(power domain, switch...), port settings(voltage level, programming mode...).

          are the SWD ports required by other tool?

          A KBA about programming issue is FYI:

          Troubleshooting PSoC® 3/4/5LP Programming/Debugging Issues - KBA210619




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            Hi Ryan,


            It is a custom PSoC board. I was able to program it with Kitprog

            successfully. Issue is with the miniprog3.

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              Hi Ryan,


              I have gone through the link. I checked the community threads as well. But I am unable to find any description of the issue or a solution.


              Hi All,


              Any workaround or solutions, please let me know.

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                Did you already try to update the miniprog3 to latest revivion using PSoC Programmer?



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                  Dear Bob,


                  Yes, I updated the miniprog3 but I am unable to program.

                  Kindly find the log below. Appreciate your help.


                  Program Finished at 02:59:56                                |



                  Cannot halt CPU and activate Debug


                  Please, check

                  the following items:


                  - the

                  connection between the programmer and the PSoC;


                  - the

                  correct programming protocol is selected;


                  - the

                  correct connector option is selected.

                  Program Requested at 02:59:53



                  version 2.05

                  Firmware Update Finished at 02:59:46


                  FAILED! FW

                  Version is up-to-date. No need of Upgrade. Hex: 2.05 MiniProg3: 2.05



                  Firmware Upgrade Started at 02:59:46                        |

                  Firmware Upgrade Requested at 02:59:45                      |

                  Successfully Connected to MiniProg3/1609BB000FEF at 02:58:44 | MiniProg3

                  version 2.05

                  Opening Port at 02:58:43                                    |

                  Memory Types Load from HEX Finished at 02:58:43              |

                  Device set to CY8C5868AXI-LP035 at 02:58:43                  | 262144

                  FLASH bytes

                  Device Family set to CY8C5xxxLP at 02:58:42                  |

                  Memory Types Load from HEX Requested at 02:58:41            |

                  Active HEX file set at 02:58:41                              |




                                                                              | Users must be

                  aware that the following PSoC device should not be powered or programmed at

                  5V. Doing so will cause damage to the devices: CY8C6xxx, CYRF89xxx

                  Session Started at 02:58:41                                  | PPCOM

                  Version 29.0





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                    Could you double-check the hardware connection of PSoC5 and MiniProg-3? Use programming cable as short as possible. 

                    Are there any other silicons on your board? MiniProg-3 has limited current sourcing strength.

                    Double-check VDDD, VDDA, VDDIO, VCCD...is connected correctly.




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                      Dear Ryan,


                      Appreciate your assistance.

                      I checked the voltage levels and the also used the provided 10-pin

                      connector but getting the same error. But I am able to program it

                      successfully with PSOC 5lp CY8CKIT_059 successfully.