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    CyInstaller for PSoC Creator 4.2 Quits on Install

      I downloaded PSoCCreatorSetup_4.2_es100_b641.exe this morning for evaluation for a new project. I tried to install this package on my Windows 10 machine, but it always fails to install near the end. The snapshot below shows what happens when it quits.


      The installer seems to have started two install threads and then decides that this is a conflict. When I click the OK button, the installer rolls-back all the the partial installation that it has made leaving nothing installed. There are three choices during install: Typical, Custom, and Full Install. All three choices fail in exactly the same way. I noticed that the installer does try to install PSoC Creator and the Keil Development tools as it asks for license agreement sequentially for both. Possibly this may be the conflict that causes the failure. Any suggestions as to how I can install this program?

      I have checked the Windows Task Manager to insure that there are not more than one install happening simultaneously, but only the single install task shows.