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    Avoiding changes in the source file to get overwritten in PSoC Creator


      The Cypress USBFS component doesn't have enough custom code sections in it to customize handling all the different requests that USB can make.  I can modify the Generated_Source files, but then those changes get overwritten every time I build the project, and I have to restore the modifications from version control.


      I see from https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-12381 that we should be able to modify the original source code for the component, which should let us add our own custom code sections where necessary, but when I try this, I get a C# error in file cyaudio2_0.cs, and I know nothing about C#:


      The type or namespace name 'ArrayEditor' does not exist in the namespace 'System.ComponentModel.Design' (are you missing an assembly reference?)


      Any idea what I need to do to customize this code?