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    AMUX4_1 and PLC used together query


      I'm using the CY3274-HV PLC development Kit, including the PLC and AMUX4_1 user modules. The AMUX4_1 is used to multiplex 4 analog inputs.

      The PLC module is using up port 0 - 0,3,5,6 pins to connect to the AC power line connector.


      I have a doubt if the AMUX4_1 will read inputs from the remaining free port_0_1, port_0_2, port_0_4, port_0_7 pins, that is 2 even and 2 odd bits of Port 0, when selected.

      Could you please help me know if I could use the select defines AMUX4_1_PORT0_1, AMUX4_1_PORT0_2, AMUX4_1_PORT0_4, AMUX4_1_PORT0_7 ?

      These select defines are in sets of even and odd. Or is there an alternative?