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    Questions about the EZ-PD™ CCG3PA and applications




      I am currently looking for a power supply/adapter and was considering the EZ-PD™ CCG3PA. I would like to incorporate the power block into the reference design. The project has a small form factor (6in dia), will be plug-in, and last 10yrs. The power requirements for the design are as follows:

      • Component 1: Voltage 5V, Current:2A
      • Cellular Device: Voltage 3.3~3.8V (typical), 4.3 max, Current 1.8a(typical) 2A(max)
      • LED Strip:2/3.2/3.2V(typical),2.6/4/4V (max) per section, Current 0.02A per section or 7.2 A in total
      • Speaker: Voltage 12v(min), 28V (max), Current 13mA

      The maximum power consumption by my calculations should be 57.824 W with a total maximum current 11.028 A and the highest voltage being 28V.

      Do you think this power delivery design will work? Do you have any better recommendations For the project?