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    OTAFU failes at the last moment

      I'm implementing OTAFU with BCM920737 TAG connecting USB.

      I read WICED Secure Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrade Application Note (SDK 2.x and TAG3 Board) and  I'm using Android Sample provided in :WICED Smart BCM92073X OTA Firmware Upgrade (1) and WICED Smart BCM92073X OTA Firmware Upgrade (2).


      When ota_firmware_upgrade sample runs, the OTAFU is success. However, in my BCM20737S application, the OTAFU fails at the last moment. The sending data percentage becomes 100% but a pop-up showing OTAFU fails appears. To make matters worse, I have to recovery. So, I think there are some problems in my application but I can't find the cause.


      I attach two files indicated in console in Android Studio.

      A red sentence is different from two applications.(Some green text are my own device address.)


      Please help me. I couldn't identify the cause of this problem.


      Best Regards