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      In TRM,they have given that  "Note : In 16-bit mode, the EZ-USB only transfers even-sized packets of data across the FD bus. This should be considered when the EZ-USB interfaces to host software that sends or receives odd sized packets".

      What is the status when fx2lp in 8bit slavefifo interface?according into the above statement?


      what does mean that even and odd packet referes in the above statement?




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          Hello Geetha,


          In the 16-bit mode, data is transferred in the slave FIFO interface in the form of words(each word is 2 bytes) and hence each packet always contains even number of bytes. For e.g., if you want to transfer 515 words, there will be two packets of 512 bytes and a short packet of 2 bytes sent. In 8-bit mode, this is not necessarily true since you can transfer 515 bytes with one packet of 512 bytes and a short packet of 3 bytes.


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