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    cx3 bootloader dies


      we are using the CX3. CX3 is connected as a video capture device to a OV4688 chip. The machine is a Lenovo P720 (with a bunch of crazy BIOS USB options). Windows 10 x64, version 17763.


      Issue: No matter what USB 3.0 port we connect to, if we connect it, allow the CX3 bootloader to load the firmware, the device shows up fine (initially, it's Westbridge, but then we load OUR firmware dynamically). If we now disconnect the device, and plug it back into the exact same USB port (obviously the device has lost power), the 2nd time, it's recognized as a "Generic SuperSpeed USB Hub"! The Cypress CX3 bootloader never appears again. I can't figure out if this is a Windows 10 recent update issue, a BIOS issue, or a problem with the Cypress bootloader driver.


      Has anybody else seen this? This happens on ANY USB 3.0 port, whether it's internal or external, or on a PCIe card!

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          Please share the screen shot of the device manager and also check the VID PID of the device. What is happening if you reset the device without providing power cycle?


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            Please refer Question 1. in this KBA - The custom board designed using FX3 is not enumerated as “Cypress FX3 Bootloader Device”. Why?


            Note that this KBA applies to FX3/CX3/FX3S.


            Can you please load any example firmware to RAM and check the enumeration?

            Also try to check with another Windows Machine - different OS/ different model Laptop
            You can even connect to USB 2.0 port and test. Note that the USB bootloader works only in USB 2.0 mode.