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    How is MAC address set for Wi-Fi interface using 1DX module?




      I am using the Murata 1DX Wi-Fi/BT part on an imx6ull design and currently working on the imx6ull EVK while awaiting hardware. I am using the Murata-provided Yocto package to set up the Linux distribution and drivers. I want to know how the MAC address is set for the Wi-Fi interface. Typing ifconfig give me this (a Murata assigned MAC address):


      wlan0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 60:f1:89:3a:69:dc


      I haven't been able to discover where this setting is coming from.  I have looked at the contents of the nvram text file in /lib/firmware/brcm, and I can see that the MAC address specified in there is not being used. I tried looking at the BRCM4343 OTP memory using the "wl" tool but was unable to get that to work. Where does this MAC address come from?