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    USB-IF Link Layer Test failed




      I'm trying to get the USB-IF certification for a device based on FX3S (CYUSB3035-BZXC) but I get some fails on the Link Layer Test (see attached report).


      Three out of four fails (TD.7.9, TD.7.11, TD.7.26) are related to the "New Timers" currently used by USB-IF... Is not clear if the Legacy Timers are still allowed... I'm waiting for the lab reply... The 4th fail (TD.7.17) I don't know if it is anyway related to the same cause.


      Anyway, I don't think I can fix this problems modifying my code. It seem related to the internal functioning of the controller itself... Is the FX3 platform currently USB-IF certifiable?


      I'm using SDK 1.3.3. Do you think that an upgrade to SDK 1.3.4 may fix the issues?