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    CYUSB3014 unable to detect device on PC



      I recently designed a board with reference to SuperSpeed Explorer Kit Schematic.pdf.  The cyusb3014 is connected to the PC via the USB3.0 port but nothing happens. I'm sure that the voltages of VDD, U3RXVDDQ, U3TXVDDQ are normal. The FSLC(pull down to gnd) and PMODE(F11) pins are configured correctly. And 19.2MHz crystal can also work normally. So what are the problems that will cause bootloader to fail to start ? Or, is there any way to prove that the chip can work normally? By the way, after power-on, the TCK pin has no reaction, the TDI, TMS, TRST pins are all 3.3V, and the TDO pin is 0.12V.


      我最近根据官方开发板资料SuperSpeed Explorer Kit Schematic.pdf 设计了一款PCB,但是当我通过USB3.0接口连接到电脑上却无法识别,我认真检查了VDD, U3RXVDDQ, U3TXVDDQ供电引脚和FSLC和PMODE两个模式选择配置,并没有发现异常,并且19.2MHz的晶振也工作正常,请问还有可能会是什么问题导致CYUSB3014设备在电脑上无法识别,bootloader无法启动。或者说,还有什么方法能证明芯片可以正常工作?顺便说一下,上电后我测TCK引脚没任何反应,TDI,TMS,TRST引脚都是3.3V,TDO引脚0.12V