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    CYBLE-202007-01 and HCI/DTM

      Hello everyone,


      I'm currently developping a product that includes a CYBLE-202007-01.

      I am close to the end of development and the question of Radio Qualification is rising up now.

      I am in contact with a lab that uses a specific tool to communicate with the module through HCI.

      In PSoC Creator, I turned on the HCI over UART Option to activate this functionnality.


      The guy in the lab made some attempts and send commands to the module through HCI but unsuccessfully.

      He told me that the module seems to accept the command but does not execute it.

      He think the module is not in DTM mode and it should be for the qualification.


      I searched in the PSoC Creator but did not found such an option.


      Could someone help me please.


      Thank you in advance.